Have your server ready in as little as 1 minute after WordPress installation!

Settings are completed immediately after WordPress is installed. If you're in need of a server, now you can get one set exclusively for WordPress with just a few clicks without any troublesome work.

Fast servers custom set for WordPress! Relax with the boost function.

Since our servers are custom set for WordPress, they are high speed automatically. They are also equipped with functions including as a boost function to deal with temporary access spikes and a CDN function to speed up overseas access.

24 hour a day 365 day a year server monitoring offers you peace of mind even during emergencies.

A team of WordPress specialists regularly monitors your server. You can relax even if you have no specialist know-how as security scan and backups also come as part of our standard installation.

What is Sova WP?

Sova WP is made up of cloud based rental servers customized for WordPress use. By utilizing this service, webmasters leave the troublesome tasks of handling server settings and maintenance to our company, enabling them to concentrate solely on managing the contents of their website.

How is it different from a normal server?

In addition to server settings, our servers are custom configured for WordPress beginning with their network and hardware setups. They are also equipped with server monitoring and security check functions customized to WordPress, so cost performance is very high compared to normal rental servers.

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Small Plan

USD 20.00/mo
Annual Price USD 240.00
USD 199.00/yr
Free for 7 days
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Medium Plan

USD 99.00/mo
Annual Price USD 1188.00
USD 999.00/yr
Free for 7 days
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Why choose "Sova WP"?

Custom tuned to WordPress fast and stable
scale up possibilities in case of sudden access increases Boost function
no need for server management 24/7 server monitoring
Commercial and resale use possible Personal domains OK
for faster access CDN Feature
Easy on your wallet prices start at USD 20.00/mo
with our WordPress specialist team Consulting included
In case servers go down Auto-reboot w/ Notification
Free for 7 days
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